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OxDev Internship Opportunities


OxDev (Oxford Students in International Development), an initiative of St Benet's Hall, Oxford, evolved from OxSLI (Oxford Sierra Leone Initiative). OxSLI was launched in the summer of 2013 and provided students with least developed country experience in Sierra Leone, West Africa, working chiefly on projects with religious leaders and faith communities on the prevention, care, treatment and support of persons affected by HIV, TB and malaria. OxSLI partnered with Christian Aid, INERELA+, and several local NGOs as well as governmental agencies.

Due to the Ebola virus epidemic in Sierra Leone and neighbouring countries that began in spring 2014, OxSLI was suspended in July 2014 and the student interns were accommodated in alternate locations in Uganda, Madagascar, and Nicaragua. This caused the transformation of OxSLI into OxDev so that other venues could be explored. The result was a new partnership with a local NGO known as TAKS Centre (‘Through Art Keep Smiling’) based in Gulu, the main city in northern Uganda. Northern Uganda was ravaged by militia known as the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) until they will expelled in 2010 by the armed forces of Uganda. TAKS Centre was founded by local Ugandans to provide psychosocial support to the people of this region (who are largely of the Achole ethnic group) that were brutalised by the LRA. TAKS Centre operates its own facilities which include (by local standards) very good accommodation for interns. The mission statement of TAKS Centre is: "To engage the people of Northern Uganda in the creative Arts so that they can reaffirm the richness of their culture, reassert their humanity, re-establish the value of their education, take pride in themselves and develop the skills which help them find new options for their lives and eventually employment.” Interns are free to develop their own psychosocial support projects with the TAKS Centre staff that reflect the Centre's mission. This could include skills building, teaching sport, artistic projects, education, engagement with faith communities. engagement with marginalised communities, and other projects that engage the community in positive ways to improve their lives. All interns will be supervised by a resident coordinator who will be a UK expat in residence.