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The Hall is a quiet and good place for study, as well as being conveniently located for the city centre shops, neighbouring colleges, libraries and faculties. There is accommodation in Hall, either at St Giles or 11 Norham Gardens, for first year and finalist undergraduates and for all monk members of the Hall. Accommodation for graduate students is dependent upon availability of rooms. However, it is expected that all second year undergraduates will live out of the Hall.

A third of the rooms have ensuite or adjacent facilities. First year undergraduates are likely to be in standard rooms in Norham Gardens, with wash hand basins and nearby showers.

All rooms have Internet connections. Use of the Hall's laundry machines is available without further charge to resident members.  All charges for electricity and heating are included within the termly charge.

Any queries regarding accommodation and/or charges should be directed to the Bursar (  The provision of accommodation is covered by Universities UK Accommodation Code of Practice